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FAQ for publisher

We've made Joinads for Publisher as intuitive as possible so anyone can use it. No coding or technical experience is required. Our team has made it a priority to give users access to a rich library of ads so they can control their own experiences.

In addition to the resources, our support team is there for you 24/7 should you ever need them.

Creating an account at Joinads for Publihser is easy and takes 30 seconds. After creating an account, you must integrate your site with Joinads for Publisher. Integration time varies depending on the selected integration.

Everyone who registers at Joinads for Publisher can complete the integration, setup and be approved in less than 24 hours after creating an account. 

Setting up Auto Blocks can take up to an hour, but our team of experts can help speed up the process.

Not. Joinads for Publihser's priority is to improve performance behind the scenes. Joinads makes most websites faster and improves visitor experience while giving you full control over experimentation. The way you edit your site's content won't change a thing.

Joinads for Publihser allows you to determine how different aspects of your site can be customized and tested for different visitors based on the goals you set.

Improvements in visitor experience metrics are considered a positive sign for search engines. We have conducted cases that show the results of implementing joinads in improved search engine rankings.  

Yes, we have a team of professionals who operate in different segments. Commercial, financial and IT. 

There are no minimum eligibility requirements for site approval. 

For better monetization performance, there are some requirements:

  1. We recommend that you average 10.000 sessions per month.
  2. Follow her Google Ads Policy
  3. Content must be original
  4. Identifiable traffic tracking log
  5. If you have an existing AdSense or Ad Manager account, it must be current with Google.

Joinads for Publisher works with all sectors of content. This includes, without limitation, home and garden, automotive, sports, hobbies, travel, food and drink, health, science, nature, business, humor, literature, gaming, entertainment, technology, lifestyle, culture, history, geography, education, family and more.

Our resources are adaptable and designed for a variety of sites: niche sites, referral sites, blogs, independent publishers, AdSense publishers, affiliate sites, evergreen content, news sites, online application sites, tools based on the web, big brands and more. 

Yes. Joinads for Publisher tracks every CMS, host or website configuration. This includes WordPress, custom pHp, Squarespace, Joomla!, Shopify, Drupal, Arch, Rebel Mouse, Magento, Bitrix, and more.

We will qualitatively analyze the display of ads so as not to interfere with user engagement with site content. We look for the best performance without exaggerating in advertising. 

Joinads for Publihser offers a 30-day net schedule. Same as Google AdSense and Google Ad Manager.


For example, publishers receive January revenue at the end of February. 

Payments are made between the 27th and 31st of each month. The minimum account income threshold for payment is $50 USD (meaning that an account must have generated a balance of at least $50).

Revenue is accrued on the Joinads for Publihser dashboard for all traffic monetized through the platform. 

Payment methods include:

  • direct bank transfer 
  • PayPal

Joinads for Publihser handles all ad network discrepancies, which is a great added benefit of Joinads. Since maximizing ad revenue often means using many partners, it can be difficult to get them all to pay on time and on the same schedule. Joinads manages and pays on the same terms, no matter what.

Joinads dor Publisher is venture capital funded and profitable with a history of timely payments. 

FAQ for advetiser

You can advertise whatever you want, except for content that is prohibited by Brazilian law. It is excellent for advertising Products, Product Info, Multilevel, Blogs and APP. 

Minimum height: auto
Minimum height: auto
Max Width: auto
Max Width: auto

Your ads will appear on thousands of websites in Brazil and many other countries. These sites are categorized in order to get as close as possible to the profile of their visitors.

You can specify the volume of daily visits you want to receive. This number is not exact, but it is very close.

A view is counted when we call your Site. You can receive the same visitor more than once, but only one visit is counted every hour, if you receive the same visitor in less than an hour, there is no charge for viewing. If your site is down, slow to open, or people close immediately, you are billed as a view because your site was called.

As soon as your campaign is released you will receive an email with instructions to follow up on your campaign. The volume of traffic is monitored by us, but you can use your favorite shortener, such as: Bit.LyGoogle Shortener, among others for you to be sure of the numbers we present.

No! Google Analytics is used for you to monitor the behavior of users on your website. But for you to be sure that the number of views are real, just use your favorite shortener, such as: Bit.LyGoogle ShortenerEtc. ..., Google Analytics only counts the people who browse your site, the shortener counts how many times your site was called.

It depends! The faster your site, the more interesting your campaign, the greater the number of people who will browse your site. That's why it's important that your website attracts people and loads quickly, one second makes all the difference.

CTR, or rather, click-through rate that your ad will receive is on average 3%. Realize you will get thousands of visits, but it doesn't mean that everyone is interested in your product. So those who click are really interested in your product or service.

Just have a website up! We can send traffic, ie visitors, directly to your website or landing page. There are cases that submitting to the site directly is better and others submitting to a Landing Page.

No, this type of content is prohibited on our platform. 

After confirmation of payment, within a few hours your ad begins to receive the first visits.

Yes, our CTR is much higher and that makes the CPC (cost per click) at least 10 times lower than Google or Facebook. 

If your campaign is not receiving traffic you can cancel and your money will be refunded. If your campaign has already started, you can pause and use the credits with another site.

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